Harness The Power of Plant Biology

ExpressTec is a simple and elegant solution to the need for recombinant proteins in medicine and biotechnology. Instead of a stainless-steel bioreactor, our production process harnesses the humble rice plant’s natural ability to use sunlight as an energy source and soil, water, and air as raw materials. Desired proteins are manufactured as the plant grows, and naturally become concentrated within the rice-seed endosperm for easy harvest and purification.

ExpressTec is unlike standard bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cell-culture expression systems, transgenic animals, or purification from natural sources.

The ExpressTec Platform Offers:

  • Commercial-scale product yields in a eukaryotic host background, from an organism that is widely recognized as safe.
  • A production process free of contamination from any by-products of animal, human, or microbial origin.
  • A broadly flexible platform for expression of multi-subunit molecules, monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, and enzymes.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Dramatically lower cost of production.